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The History of Christ Kingdom Church

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The Beginning- A Whisper in the Spirit


Christ Kingdom Church (warmly referred to as CKC) was incorporated and established on May 14, 2010, after Bishop David Perrin was led by the Holy Spirit to relocate from Orlando, Florida back to Prince George’s County, Maryland, and plant a church. Bishop Perrin shared this vision with his spiritual son, Pastor Dennis Smith, of Holy House church in Upper Marlboro, MD and the two congregations begin to join as one in June of 2010. 

Pastor Dennis Smith became the Associate Pastor of Christ Kingdom church and was later appointed to the Eldership in 2011. On August 1, 2010, CKC moved its worship services from Holy House church to the Regal Bowie Cinema theater in Bowie, MD in its efforts to expand church growth. From its humble beginnings, CKC has always practiced First Fruits every New Year’s and continues to give 10% of its monthly income to Kingdom causes and the ministry of Benevolence, to those who are less fortunate.

The Early Years- Breakthrough at Christmas


The church continued to grow and held its first Ordination service on June 26, 2011, consecrating to service deacons, ministers, and other members to the five-fold ministry. Elder Allethia Perrin was the first Elder appointed at the church. CKC continued to worship at the movie theater until December 2011. The opportunity to then move into the property owned by its parent organization at the time, Great Commission Global (later known as Boundless Ministries Incorporated), became available.


The church held its first worship service at 6809 District Heights Parkway in District Heights, Maryland on Christmas Day 2011. During this service, CKC pledged its first missions offering for the Homeless Men’s Retreat and missions’ efforts in the Amazon, South America.


Our Present Time- A Church on a Mission


Missions have always been in the DNA of Christ Kingdom Church. Missionaries Samuel Nangai of Uganda and Charnice Foreman from Impact USA were amongst the first missionaries adopted by the church. Since then CKC has sent mission teams to Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and the Amazon. In 2018 the church extended its missions reach to the nation of Rwanda for a discovery trip and sent its first Youth Missions team to Orlando, FL in (Month,) 2019 to support efforts to end human trafficking.

CKC continues to provide ministry to its members in all stages of life through the Marriage Covenant Partners Ministry, Wisdom Warriors for our senior members, Next Generation Youth & Children’s Ministry, and the L.E.A.D discipleship glasses. In January 2018 the church established its own School of Ministry and ordained 33 persons into five-fold ministry. Today CKC’s mission stands as strong as it ever has.

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