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Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm (except 4th Tuesdays) Bible Study series are taught to provide in-depth Biblical teachings. All are welcome to attend.



Join a fellowship of brothers every Thursday at 7:00 PM as we discuss issues related to manhood, maturity, spirituality, and empowerment for men. Please contact Minister James Lewis at for additional information. Click here to enter the Cave/Zoom meeting

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SOG welcomes women of all ages and stages to join our monthly fellowships and small groups. Please contact First Lady Allethia Perrin at for additional information. Click here to join our next fellowship/zoom


Marriage Roundtable

Every 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM 

Married couples gather to discuss issues related to strengthening marriages, play games to foster closer relationships, and share tips for supporting healthy communication between husbands and wives. Please contact Minister James Middleton for details at

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Every 4th Tuesday @ 7:00 PM Christian brothers & sisters who are happily single, in-between relationships, or currently dating come together to fellowship around the ideas of identity, inspiration, and the pursuit of purpose. Please contact La Keshia Reed for more details  Join the next Café by clicking here/zoom meeting


Children’s Worship Workout

Calling all young worshippers ages 4-9 on Sundays at 12:45 PM to join our online children’s church. Click below to join.

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Sundays at 11:00 AM join a fellowship of Teens (ages 13-18) for a worship experience designed to minister to TEENS in a why relevant to their reality. Click here to join/ zoom meeting

Wisdom Warriors

Senior Ministry

Everyone knows disciples get younger and younger as they mature. Check out our monthly senior’s fellowship (ages 60 +) on 1st Saturdays.


For more information, you may contact Deaconess Cordell Weaver at

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Discipleship Classes

Class Title:  Managing Our Emotions

Discipleship Track: Equip Believers

Topic: Our emotions play an important and complex role in our lives; they are deeply entwined with what we believe to be facts and what we have faith in. God created us to experience emotions, yet there are still godly and ungodly ways to manage them.  This class will equip you on how to manage your emotions in a godly way.          

Instructor: Elder Arthur Holsey

Weekly on Sun., Jan. 10, 2021 thru March 14, 2021 (10 occurrences) Time: Sundays @ 9:45am- 10:45am

Class Title:  How to Study the Bible

Discipleship Track: Equip Believers

Discipleship Track: Love God

Topic: This class is designed to help believers become stronger students of the word and is a foundational course in biblical study. The class takes you on a journey to show you 12 different ways to unlock God's word. If you desire to get more understanding out of your time spent in His word, then this is the class for you.

Resource: Using Bible Study Methods, by Rick Warren                               

Instructor: Pastor Adrian Reeves

Weekly on Sun. Jan. 10, 2021 thru Mar. 28, 2021 (12 occurrences) @ 9:45am- 10:45am

Class Title:  Spiritual Warfare

Discipleship Track: Equip Believers

Topic: This class is designed for mature believers who desire to understand how to navigate in the spiritual world.  It covers a study of angels, demons, spiritual kingdoms, and effective strategies and tactics in spiritual warfare.  This class also introduces the topics of deliverance and inner healing.

Instructor: Minister Allen Brown


Duration: Weekly on Sunday, January 10, 2021 thru March 14, 2021   Time: Sundays @ 9:45 am- 10:45 am

Class Title:  Effective Evangelism Today

Discipleship Track: Activate Gifts

Topic:  Evangelism is the core of Christianity. It is a life and death matter both for the salvation of individuals and for the continuing growth of the church. Although the message of the gospel never changes, the way in which we communicate must be continually modified to reflect the thought patterns and worldview of our changing culture.  You will explore and learn how to effectively evangelize in today’s world.

Instructor: Apostle Brenda Medley


Duration: Weekly on Sunday, January 10, 2021 thru March 14, 2021   Time: Sundays @ 9:45 am- 10:45 am


Mid-Day Meditation

Monday thru Friday at 12:00 noon a community of believers gather for a lunchtime fellowship in the word of God to strengthen one another in faith, relationships, and practical living. Join this online community for a daily dose of encouragement. Click below to join/zoom

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Listen in on our podcast for messages and conversations that empower, refresh, and enlighten your new mindset in Christ. Each episode will leave your encouraged and challenged to build a life of faith and fullness.

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