Good People + Good Resources = GROWTH
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Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm (except 4th Tuesdays) Bible Study series are taught to provide in-depth Biblical teachings. All are welcome to attend.

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Join a fellowship of brothers every Thursday at 7:00 PM as we discuss issues related to manhood, maturity, spirituality, and empowerment for men. Please contact Minister James Lewis at for additional information. Click here to enter the Cave/Zoom meeting

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SOG welcomes women of all ages and stages to join our monthly fellowships and small groups. Please contact First Lady Allethia Perrin at for additional information. Click here to join our next fellowship/zoom

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Marriage Roundtable
Coming Soon

Every 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM 

Married couples gather to discuss issues related to strengthening marriages, play games to foster closer relationships, and share tips for supporting healthy communication between husbands and wives. Please contact Minister James Middleton for details at

Click below to join the next Roundtable/zoom meeting

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Coming Soon

Every 4th Tuesday @ 7:00 PM Christian brothers & sisters who are happily single, in-between relationships, or currently dating come together to fellowship around the ideas of identity, inspiration, and the pursuit of purpose. Please contact La Keshia Reed for more details  Join the next Café by clicking here/zoom meeting

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Children’s Worship Workout

Calling all young worshippers ages 4-9 on Sundays at 11:00 AM to join our online children’s church. Click below to join.

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Sundays at 10:00 - 10:45AM join a fellowship of Teens (ages 13-18) for a worship experience designed to minister to TEENS in a way relevant to their reality. Click here to join/ zoom meeting

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Wisdom Warriors

Senior Ministry

Everyone knows disciples get younger and younger as they mature. Check out our monthly senior’s fellowship (ages 60 +) on 1st Saturdays.


For more information, you may contact Deaconess Cordell Weaver at

Click below to join/ meeting

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Discipleship Classes

Developing A Prayer Life- ON LINE

ZOOM Meeting ID: 854 6518 3808

Password: 489499

Description:  This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation on prayer with an emphasis on how God provided us with guidance through His Word. We will look at real problems and frameworks and how to tackle problems through prayer. This knowledge will build skills that you will continue to use, develop, and increase during the rest of your Christian Life.

Duration: 8 Weeks    -    Time:  9:30am – 10:30am
Weekly sessions start on Sun., Oct. 3, thru Nov. 21, 2021

Course Outline:
Week 1:  What is Prayer- Part 1
Week 2:  What is Prayer- Part 2
Week 3:  What is the Purpose and Foundation of Prayer
Week 4:  Jesus Prayed: How and Why
Week 5:  How to Develop Your Personal Prayer Life
Week 6:  Praying with Consistency 
Week 7:  Prayer & Stewardship
Week 8:  What is God saying to you in Prayer


The Flesh vs. The Spirit- ON LINE

ZOOM Meeting ID: 854 1702 8208

Password: 186980

Description: The course will prepare students to become more conscious or aware of who is in control of their verbal and non-verbal expressions.  By being aware will initiate repentance.  It will encourage turning away from, and a desire to worship God by our obedience to his Word.

Course Outline:
Week 1:  How can I tell the difference
Week 2:  What’s in operation and when
Week 3:  Why does God want me to know the difference
Week 4:  Why is our Spirit willing and our flesh weak
Week 5:  What should I pray for in this context
Week 6:  If I’m not in the Spirit, will God hear my prayer(s)
Week 7:  Prayer
Week 8:  Resolution and Proclamation Prayer

Making Spiritual Decisions-

IN PERSON, Rm: Fellowship Hall

Description: A course aimed to give a healthy perspective about the process of making spiritual decisions for Christ when tempted to repeat former patterns.

Duration: Duration: 8 Weeks    -    Time:  9:30am – 10:25am
Weekly starts on Sun., Oct. 3, thru Nov. 21, 2021

Course Outline:
Week 1:  Contemplating – Wrestle with our own hearts
Week 2:  Detour – Me vs. God
Week 3:  New Scene – the benefit of a new habitat/environment
Week 4:  Choices – a harsh look at the importance of our choices
Week 5:  Mindset – shifts in perspectives
Week 6:  Actions – demonstrations of what we do
Week 7:  Brokenness – swop what we like to hold on to
Week 8:  Decision Day – examining the time where we sincerely make the choice


In Person: Room- Fellowship Hall
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Mid-Day Meditation

Monday thru Friday at 12:00 noon a community of believers gather for a lunchtime fellowship in the word of God to strengthen one another in faith, relationships, and practical living. Join this online community for a daily dose of encouragement. Click below to join/zoom

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Podcast Coming Soon

Listen in on our podcast for messages and conversations that empower, refresh, and enlighten your new mindset in Christ. Each episode will leave your encouraged and challenged to build a life of faith and fullness.