We love when guest come to see us even if you’ve been here before we’re excited to see you again.

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Visiting a new church might have you puzzled with a few questions, so we thought we’d help you out some. Here are a few things you might want to know.

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Sunday Morning Worship starts at 11:00 AM every Sunday

Teens, Youth, and Children are welcome, and each age group has a worship experience unique for their needs.



Dress Code: We’re a pretty open community so if you want to wear jeans and sneakers; you won’t be alone. If you prefer business casual or your Sunday best you won’t be alone either. Don’t let clothes stop you from coming to church.

Worship Style: CKC strives to be a multigenerational church and we have various worship styles ranging from Contemporary Christian to Traditional Gospel. Worshippers at CKC are welcome to lift their hands, dance with one another in the aisle, or just sit and enjoy the presence of God quietly in their seats. We simply invite you to just enjoy Jesus!

Membership Resources

New Members looking for orientation materials may download the following class slides.

Membership Class #1

What We Believe


Membership Class #2

CKC 101:

Understanding How Your Church Operates


Membership Class #3

Church Culture, Community, and Conflict


21 Day Consecration


New Year's Devotional Guide

10 Year Strategic Plan

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Membership Resource Guide (download COMING SOON)